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Chest CT: 34 cases available with explanations; CT/CTA Neuro Cases 1-9 explanations added

Updated: May 26, 2023

Hi all,

All of our chest CT cases have been updated with associated explanations, including patterns of lung disease, bread and butter ILDs, and other masses and infections. This is an introductory course that covers the most essential information in a case based way. 6 cases still to come, but the Chest CT course is essentially complete.

Neuro CT/CTA Cases 1-9 explanations have been added. Cases 10-26 are uploaded but explanations have not yet been reviewed/created. Please do NOT use these explanations until we have posted the official answers. Abdo Ultrasound will follow shortly after. I'm hoping to make course intro videos for CT Chest, CT/CTA Neuro, and Abdo US shortly after.

Happy learning,

NR Team

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