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Radiology Residents

PGY1: Focus on becoming a strong clinicianDon't stress about radiology. There is no reason to do any heavy reading or start memorizing differentials. Instead, we suggest the following:

1) Focus on Cross-Sectional Anatomy

2) Review the resources under Medical Students

PGY2: Start by watching all of our introductory CT videos (intro to CT, CT head and C-spine, CT abdomen).  Then, access our case based CT course to learn everything you need to know to start covering on-call.

PGY3-5: Watch the rest of our videos, and access our CT and MRI case-based courses. CT courses are appropriate for all levels; MRI courses appropriate for PGY3-5, fellows, staff radiologists

Introduction to Abdominal MRI

Prior to your Body MRI Rotation, you should watch this video in its entirety. This reviews basic physics and pulse sequences, and then discusses pulse sequences commonly used in abdominal imaging.

A normal and abnormal abdominal MRI are reviewed, with emphasis on the normal appearance. The concepts introduced throughout this video are essential for you to understand.

Future videos will include more specific discussions of Pelvic, Liver, and Prostate MRI.

Dr. Mak's Approach to MSK MRI

Learning MSK MRI can be daunting. As a great introduction, this video series helps you learn a basic approach to various MSK MRI studies. This is a great place to start before looking at these studies. Click on the MRI image to the right to access the playlist, or the joint below to access the specific video:

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